erakusketa | Las calles de La Habana hechas tapices

Imagen: El País
Las calles de La Habana hechas tapices
El artista cubano Carlos Garaicoa hace una relectura privada del espacio público
Fietta Jarque | El País, 2010-10-05
Carlos Garaicoa, Fin de silencio en el Matadero Madrid (Paseo de la Chopera, 14 Madrid) hasta el 7 de noviembre.

book | Schools : educational spaces

Schools : educational spaces / Sybille Kramer.
[Berlin] : Braun, 2010.
271 p. : il., planos

ISBN 9783037680230*
Arquitectura - Siglo XXI.
Construcciones escolares.
Biblioteca A-727.1 SCH

School building architecture has greatly gained in pedagogical significance during the last years. Students of the 21st century have access to increasingly more workspaces customised for various studies, rooms for teamwork and cafeterias. Multi-functional communal spaces, exhibition spaces and sports facilities also play an important role in education if you happen to be hitting the books in a newly built or a recently expanded building.

"Schools Educational Spaces" presents more than 60 international projects which set themselves apart not only with their modern architectural vocabulary, but also with their architects hope of being their contribution to the improvement of educational standards, placed of late under the eye of the media.
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