book | The ecological house : sustainable architecture around the world

The ecological house : sustainable architecture around the world / preface, Ecosistema Urbano ; text, Marco Moro, Beatrice Spirandelli.
Vercelli : White Star, 2011.
272 p. : fot., planos
ISBN 9788854405943*

Arquitectura - Aspecto del medio ambiente.
Biblioteca | Especiales | A-(0.021)B ECO


A fascinating panorama of "architectural biodiversity." this forward-looking volume documents the innovative creations of pioneers and masters across the globe who distilled the poetics of building in harmony with the earth. The best realizations of ecological residences and other building types are exhibited in this broad review of projects in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Ecological architecture might be called "conscious architecture," for, above all, it is a meticulous and deliberate response to place: its landscape, environmental features, resources, culture, and characteristic economic and social dynamics. On the one hand, that entails reviving indigenous building tradition and utilizing materials that can also be recycled. On the other hand, it is necessary to divise artificial materials and technology to create new architectural elements and systems for efficient climate regulation. This is a beautiful,exotic collection of " architecture's greenest gems," including domiciles that have "gone native" as well as gleaming, futuristic structures of glass and steel, all with ingenious climate control systems and low energy emissions.
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